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Milan, Italy
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Paris, France
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Mebel Expo
Moscow, Russia
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Furnex Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

Engagement Models

Business to Business
Supplying Raw Products, Tailored to Taste
We can supply our partners at home and overseas with raw wood furniture to give the freedom to create color schemes and upholstery that suits their markets and clients.
The Shoulah Classics Brand, All Inclusive
With the knowhow and 35 years of sales experience Shoulah can export the whole brand to partners at home or overseas with fully finished products that exceed quality and design standards.
Exclusive Design
The Shoulah Design Style, All Yours!
With a world standard design team, and world standard facilities. Shoulah can dedicate a design or a design range to you and only you with total rights to re-sell and label as your own.